Tayo Wegner

tree silhouette

Welcome To My Portfolio Website

My Portfolio Website features some of my art work, music and other computer base interests that I have created in the past few years.

I am a freelance artist/ web designer & have experience doing commission artwork through people's requests.

The majority of my commissioned artwork consisted using a fine ball point tip pen, but as time keeps going on I have moved more into the digital area using programs such as photoshop,
hornil stylepix & yEd - Graph Editor and many more.

If you are interested in more web based things, you could always check out my web based portfolio work at lpto.net

Whats on this site.

  • Some of my hand drawn art work
  • PC game re-skins for some games
  • Electronic music I have created in the past
  • Some machinima game videos I have created
  • counter strike source maps:
    "coming soon"

So to some it all up this site is just full of bits and pieces of things I have done or created over the years.

A picture can tell a thousand stories

I have always believed a picture can tell a thousand stories, so I decided to tell a few on my site with this tree.

Stories are completely fictional!
I suggest you don't read too much into them, as they were just done for fun.

A huge thankyou to all-silhouettes.com/
for sharing all their wonderfull quality vector silhouettes with everyone.