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PC Game Modifications

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The content for this page will be comming soon

BattleField 2

AvP2 gun skins "REZ Zip files coming soon"

Dark Pulse Rifle

Dark Shotgun

(PsyKore weapon pack)

  • Pack comming soon.

Desert Digital Pulse Rifle

CounterStrike source maps

Counter-Strike maps - coming soon"ish" When I get my act together and update them

PC Game Modifications

Basic modifications or "mods" to some games I've played and liked in the past, such as: BF2, AVP2 & CSS.

The re-skins for the games were made using photoshop with a lot of trial and error to get the skins right.
The skins were made during the time when the games were still new.


I do not take any responsibility for any thing that might go wrong.

Your doing this at your own risk if you choose to install any of the mods.

& remember to always make a backup of any file before modifying it incase something goes wrong.