Tayo Wegner

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If you like any of the music I have created
feel free to download any one you like.

I hope you enjoy listening to the music I created.

Delightful Sounds of the Non-Delightful 2


Music I have created using various programs such as Ejay, Music 2000, Tutti Fruits & Windows sound recorder.

Songs were created by creating small looping samples and then arranging them along a time line graph making sure each sample would come in at set times while playing at the correct volume & tempo.

A bit of a Wonder?

I think the funny thing is when I made them I was a lot younger & used to think "wow these songs are so cool"; but now it's kind of like "wow what was I taking back then".

So instead of hiding these songs & pretending they were never created I thought I would throw them out there for anyone else that might like then.