Tayo Wegner

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Game Videos

To sum this one up would best be described as game play footage captured with fraps and cropped with various video editing software such as Premiere Pro & Windows movie maker to play in time to music or songs that I thought suited the game.

PC Game Videos

Videos showing are:

  • Hurt:
    • Game: Condemned Criminal Origins
    • Song: Hurt by Johnny Cash
  • DangerZone:
    • Game: Battlefield 2
    • Song: DangerZone by Kenny Loggins
  • Falling:
    • Game: Call of Jurez
    • Song: Exile by Enya
  • AVP3:
    • Game: Aliens vs Predator 3
    • Song: 33ghosts IV by Nine Inch Nails
  • Sniper Elite:
    • Game: Sniper Elite
    • Song: Track taken from L.O.T.R


I do not own anything in these videos.

The music and the games belong to their respective owners.
No money was made from these videos.

These videos are purely fan made and are intended for entertainment purposes only.